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About – “YOU Matter”       

If you Don’t Truthfully feel that YOU Matter, then you probably experience several of these things: 

·         Falling short of accomplishing your Goals

·         The lack of supportive and healthy relationships

·         Wanting more than you have settled for

·         Feeling Alone even when around others

·         Feeling that something is “Wrong with You”

·         Emotional Neglect or Abandonment

·         Feelings that you are not worthy or not enough

·         Being Abused Verbally, Physically and or Sexually

·         Difficulty Trusting Yourself and Others

·         Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol, Food, Shopping, People, Places or Things

·         Had thoughts of or Attempted suicide

·         Trouble fitting in or have been labeled as a Misfit

·         Being Unaware of the damage caused in your Dysfunctional Household

If you said Yes, to all or several things on the list, don’t worry, You Matter, anyway!!! and I strongly suggest you read this book. The problem is not YOU!   The problem is that…when you grow up in a dysfunctional household, you don’t always realize how your childhood is still impacting your life as an adult.

“You Matter” will assist you to discover who you are, how you are and to power, you have to live your Purpose and enjoy a meaningful life. When you know that “You Matter”, there are skills, boundaries, and values you will possess which will not allow you to settle for less than you know you deserve. 

Throughout the chapters you will learn to:

·         Get to Know YOU

·         Stop comparing yourself to Others

·         Push through the Fear

·         Realize your own Worth

·         Learn to Manage your time

·         Do what you Love

·         Turn your Life lessons into your Greatest Gifts

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