Investing in YOU… is the Best Investment You Can Ever Make !

The “You Matter Academy” Courses

Our Courses and Developmental Topics are primarily based on the principles in the book “YOU Matter” written by the Founder and CEO, Tinah Marie.  

Programs range from 30 days to 1 year and cost will vary. The Program Modules will thoroughly delve into the 7 chapters of the book. You will have the opportunity to explore, examine and evaluate your life at the deepest level.  

Doing this type of self-development work, will free you from the past, turn on the light where your power is, uncover your blind spots, and help you eliminate your limiting beliefs, which in turn will allow the “Truth”, to unlock doors to a brighter, happier present and create a Purposeful future. 

The only stipulation is that You MUST be ready, willing and capable of taking ACTION to get the Results your Desire !

What is the difference between Group Programs & Home Study Programs?

Group Study Programs
Home Study Programs

The Benefits of Group Programs:

Group coaching clients benefit from the peer learning with others. This peer learning is often as important as the interaction with the coach. Many clients find the process “less on the spot”, giving them more time to reflect and interject their thoughts. Over time relationships are formed and create a valuable peer networks. 

Group Coaching Courses  bring the coaching conversation topic into a small group context. It is an intimate conversation space, deepening awareness, focused on goal setting, around key issues, taking action, and accountability. Our Group coaching is virtual coaching, provided by Phone, Audio or Videoconferencing.

Home Study Courses are the same courses used in group programs, however, the course is self-paced and can be downloaded to your computer and you will complete the course independently.

One on One Personal Development Coaching

The Benefits of getting a Personal Coach is to develop an ongoing professional relationship that will help you to produce extraordinary results in any area of your life, be it: personal, career, financial or in relationships.  The Coaching you will receive at The You Matter Academy is not counseling or therapy; it is accountability and assistance to help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Your Coach will hold you responsible for course assignments the you enroll to accomplish. Although your Coach will be passionately invested in helping you achieve results, ultimately you are the benefactor. Therefore, the harder you work the more results you will receive, so please commit to the process 100%, in order to claim the life of your dreams.

TYMA Online Support is Hosted on Facebook 

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As a student of The You Matter Academy, you are encouraged to participate in our Online Support Group.  Our Support group was developed to bring together people facing challenges including relationship problems and major life or career changes. Our Members are free to share experiences which is often extremely helpful for other people who are in the same situation. 

Its comforting to know you don’t have to go it alone. While not everyone wants or needs support beyond what is offered by their coach, family, and friends, it is helpful to turn to others outside your immediate circle. The support group can help you cope better and feel less isolated when you make connections with others. Our support groups are, however, not intended to replace your developmental programs, but it can be a valuable resource to help you cope, process new information and learn to receive positive feedback and encouragement from people who genuinely care.

Ongoing Personal Development Education

Personal Development is a course that you enroll in for a lifetime. Overtime TYMA’s Course Library will increase giving you the opportunity to work on any area of your life or character you choose. 

Our Founder ( Tinah Marie)  will host Workshops in the Atlanta GA Metro Area and at times hold events in different states throughout the US, please feel free to sign-up now to receive notifications.  The Academy will also facilitate periodic : Working Retreats, Motivational Speaker Events, Student Testimonial Forums, Round Tables, Panel Discussions and much more. To see the calendar checkout the Events Page 

Keep in mind …the more you invest in yourself , the faster you will achieve your Life Goals.  At TYMA, we know… You are Worth it!