Stress is Optional

Did your know that…Stress is Optional

Sometimes nothing seems to turn out the way you had planned, no matter how hard you attempt. Regardless of where the stress is stemming from, it is essential to equip yourself with resources to rise above the negativity and stay positive. Maintaining a positive attitude can help alleviate stress and assist in accomplishing your objectives. When you feel like you have hit a dead end, and start to sense any negativity, stop! Here are a few tips on how to remain positive even when you are in challenging situations.

 4 Ways to Stay Positive In Stressful Situations

 1. Count your blessings- Regardless how rough things are, if you think about it, you have lots of things to be grateful for. Whether it’s having a job when a lot of people are jobless, having a supportive family, or simply being in a good health. By revisiting everything you have in your life, you can’t hold on to the negativity. You will feel confident, proud and positive. There are countless things in your life that you can be thankful about. Remember there are so many people who are in worse situations.

2. Reward yourself- When you achieve something, regardless of how little it is, pat yourself in the back for the job well done. The list of ways that you can reward yourself is endless. You can reward yourself with new opportunities to explore something new or to learn something new. You can even take your friends out for coffee. A positive attitude cannot arise if you don’t feel good about yourself.

 3. Exercise regularly- Another great way to manage stress and remain positive is by exercising on a regular basis. If you don’t exercise, try to find something that you enjoy doing such as swimming, biking, playing golf, tennis, or going for a walk. Breathing exercise can also help alleviate stress. Deep Breathing has been proven to help manage stress, and can help a lot in countless situations.

 4. Take time out- If all you think about is work, you can easily be overwhelmed by stress. Be sure to give yourself time off to read a book, listen to music or do whatever it is that you find relaxing. You can also go out with your family and friends. This can help you remain focused and positive when you are on your work station. You will ultimately thank yourself for it.

There you have it! How to always stay positive in a challenging environment. While you will not alleviate stress overnight, following these simple steps will help you develop and maintain a good attitude about your family, your work and your life. Another thing to keep in mind, as your going stresses in life is that…This too will pass.

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